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Physical Gold

We can provide huge quantity of physical gold from mines worldwide. If you are buying huge quantity of physical gold, please email us at tham@bemseat.com.


We are talking of physical gold in ton. Minimum 1 ton per purchase. Delivery can be in 1 Kg bars but total weight must be 1 ton.

Periodically we may have small quantity of gold in kilobars for sales. If you are looking for smaller quantity of gold (e.g. 10 kilobars), please email us at tham@bemaseat.com to keep you post when we have such gold.  OR submit RFQ by Clicking Here.

Our principal has 11 Gold Mines in Kelantan, Malaysia. 


HMS 1 and 2 Scrap Metal

Copper Scrap

Submit RFQ by Clicking Here.



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