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Welcome Retiree!


As a retiree, you'd be dipping into your savings for your expenses.  Some people will try to reduce their daily expenditures such as food and transport to "save" as much as possible to drag longer the cash they have for their reminder.

Unless you have a deep pocket and have properties to rent out for income, most of us hardly able to afford to retire.  Currently, it is  stated that you need at least $1,000,000 to retire graciously.

This is on the presumption that you can you can get 5% returns on your $1,000,000 to create income of $50,000 per year.

Many financial planner will advises you to buy insurance and to invest your funds to build your capital.  What they said is true and good but unfortunately, due to the high cost of living, you may not have the funds set aside to build your retirement. 

Our Plan B is to have additional source of income.  How? 


Alternate Investment is the answer!  


 "Money makes the world go round"

When come to investment, many of us will think of shares, funds, unit trusts, commodities, CFD, ETF and properties, etc.

If you understand about investment and Assets Allocation for investment, you will note that:

  • there are many "alternate investments" out there;
  • you need to exercise due diligence to avoid losses;
  • many scams pass themselves off as "alternate investment"; and
  • the very rich are getting richer using alternate investments.

Some example of "alternate investments" which you may have experienced or come across:

  1. Goldcoin -- promised 2% dividend every month for gold bars. It also promised to buy back at the price invested. Collapsed due to payout scheme unsustainable. Many got their fingers burnt. As a result, many Singaporeans are scared to invest in gold. There are also a couple of similar investment schemes which also collapsed due to unsustainability. Before investing in gold or any investments, it is always good to do background due diligence.
  2. Ostriches -- buy an ostrich to lay eggs. Then hatch the eggs to get more ostriches. A farm in Australia will rear the ostriches for investors. Many people got burnt as it is a total scam. Was popular in the 1990s.
  3. Agarwood -- buy a sapling and plant it to grow into a tree. When tree is grown, extract agarwood oil and agarwood to sell. 
  4. Land Banking -- buy land in expectation of development in the area then sell for profits. Normally in USA and Canada.

  ....And Many more

We have the following perfect "alternate investment" for you to consider: 


Private Properties Alternate Program -- Get 10% to 15% Additional ROI



If you own private properties, you may want to explore the possibilities of getting 10 to 15% ROI in addition to the rental income if you rent out your properties. Even if you stay in the private property yourself, you still can get 10 to 15% additional ROI by using our platform.

Interested? Click here for more details.  If you are an estate agent and want to help us to promote this platform to your clients and get a referral fees for your effort, please Click Here.


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