"Are you planning to start your own
business? Or you already in business
but not very happy with the results? 
What will happen to Singapore next 5 years?



Welcome would be Entrepreneur!



Data Mining predicts that next 5 years, the Singapore economy will be very bad as there are too many bad indicators. It can affect everybody (including you). Click Here to learn more.

If you are planning to start your businss, what will you do?

First don't any how jump into any business without due diligence and know what you are capable in doing.
Example if you are an accountant, will you start your own accounting firm? What are the constrains? How much capital you need?

Types of Business you can get into: 

  1. Consultant - if you are an expert in certain areas e.g. marketing, online SEO, etc
  2. MLM Networker - promote health and other products.
  3. Trading company -- if you have the capital and time
  4. Affiliates Marketing -- market other people products and services online
  5. eCommerce -- sell products and services online
  6. Speakers and trainers -- can be lucrative if you have the audience

                                                                             ... And much more

You can combine to create a niche -- I know of one group who combine MLM with eCommerce to organise seminars to attract participants.

Affiliates Marketing is the most easy to do.


 We have the following great business ideas for you to consider:

SME Loans and Working Capital

During bad times, SMEs will need capital and fund to tide them over cash flow. One of our business is to help SMEs to raise funds for their businesses. You can recommend them to us to get referral fees. How much you get will depend greatly on how much professional fees your clients are willing to fork out to use our services. Please note that getting loans from banks and financial institutions is not easy as all of them have different requirements depending on their risk appetite. . For example, some major banks don't take construction related loans as this has higher risks of default.

Click here if you are interested to become Corporate Loan Consultant.


Alternate Investments

Private Properties ROI 10 to 15% additional

If you have good contacts with private property owners, you may want to consider to join our team to offer alternate investment to them to add another ROI of 10 to 15% on top of any rental income they received. Even if they are staying in the private property also can.

Click Here to learn more.


Project Funding

Big or small project also can. If you have contacts such as developers, it'd be a good additional business you can do.

Click Here for details.



With us, you now can offer Data Mining and Biomimicry to your customers. Email us to meetup to discuss this further.


Courses using government grants (SSQ and SFC)

With us you can offer courses to your corporate clients which can be claimed against SDF and Payroll Absentee. Courses
available to both companies and individuals.

Click here for more details.


If you plan to become an entrepreneur and want some good
advices to avoid pitfalls, please complete the form below.

We will contact you for a free consultation.  If you fit into
our plans, we welcome you to be part of us. 
If you don't, at least we have made a new friend. 
There is no obligation at all for this service.







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