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Welcome MLM Networker!


You get into MLM most likely for the potential of "piggy back" others in your downline to make money.  MLM seems to have a good platform as many hands make work easier.

Unfortunately, real life MLM don't work according to theory ...

What MLM Networkers hate most:

  1. Those who jump into the business first has a better chance to make money.  Everybody wants to be "leaders" to lead the pack as we all know you can make good money.  The ones who are at the bottom will be supporting those on top.  It is almost impossible for the late comers to overtake the leaders on top.  Most of the payout are skewed against the late comer distributors. 
  2. Every networker in the system must buy auto-ship and /or pay monthly maintenance.  Many MLM networkers end up having too much stock unconsumed.  For products with an expiry date, this is not good.
  3. Need to buy stock to get promoted.  This one many networker make losses because they may not be able to dispose the products on time. 

Our platform for MLM Networkers:

  • Late comers can overtake leaders on top as all use the same payout plan. The plan is pro distributors not pro company or management. Number of top producers make more money than the chairman himself!
  • No auto-ship. Invest once and you are set for life. However, distributors do continue to consume the product as it is so good, people want to continue.
  • Very attractive payout. Most MLM will penalise distributor who has "elephant" leg. Ours will pay you something if you have "elephant" leg.
  • Product sells by itself. There are thousands of testimonies in Google and Youtube.
  • The product is forefront in health industry. Even Obama and PM Lee also mentioned about it.
  • Most MLM companies are from US and by the time it reaches Singapore, the world market is already heavily saturated. This product is patented and owned by Singapore company with HQ in Singapore and branches in South East Asia and Taiwan. The world market such as US, Canada, China, India and Europe are not opened yet. Huge potentials to make money and be very successful.
  • The company is 9 years old with turnover 2 billion in 2015 (2016 accounts not finalised yet but expected to be above 3 billion).
  • Since its inception, hundreds of millionaires and multi millionaires are made.
  • Awarded Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA). The one and only MLM company got this award.
  • Continue training by company and teams.
  • Only one product. So no need to be expert nutritionist or beautician to recommend products. LOL

  ... And Much More

 Commission Earned Daily


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If you are not making good money from your current MLM, then it is time you take a serious look at our platform. I used to be a MLM junkie ... i.e. I joined many MLM. Each one I failed miserably and lost alot of my money to buy positions, etc. My mind was switched off from MLM until somebody share this platform with me. I fell in love with the product and at the same time its payout system.

With Us, you can be truly Financially Free! 

Once my upline was attempting to recruit his friend into the business. A top lady distributor tried to help him to convince the friend by showing her commission statement which shows $71,000. The friend said that it is not bad to get $71,000 in a year until he heard the lady said it is for ONE MONTH. His jaw dropped. The lady is on this platform only for 3 years. She is already financially free. She stays in condo, own a Porsche and looks great (she is 40 plus but looks like 30).

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