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Data Mining for Investors

Data Mining is an extremely power tool for investors. If you can predict correctly (80% of the time), you will make big bucks from your investments. It is market knowledge that if an investment analyst can predict 65% correct, investors can make good money. I know of one FA company whose investment team can predict 75% correct and they are doing brisk investment business. This is because they employed a very successful and experienced investment portfolio manager and pay him very high salary to manage their investment team.




With Data Mining, now you can predict accurately 80% of the time.

Anoop, my partner, is an expert in data mining. He can predict very accurately market trend. For example, one day he told one of his student in his training progam that the DOW will drop by at least 60 points next day, the DOW truly dropped 85 points in the afternoon next day!  I was utterly shocked.

If you are into investment as fund manager, investment advisors and portfolio manager, you'd want to learn how Data Mining can help you do a better selection of investment.

Data mining can go very deep -- into countries, companies, sectors, industries, etc.

If you've invested in private properties, learn how you can get additional 10 to 15% ROI on top of your rental earnings. 
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