"Are you planning to start your own
business? Or you already in business
but not very happy with the results? 
What will happen to Singapore next 5 years?




Welcome Employee


As an employee, you get a fixed salary. 
If you are in sales, you may also enjoy commission. 
Even if you are in top management drawing big fat salary,
your future may not be guaranteed.


According to Data Mining, next few years Singapore economy will be really bad. 
There will be retrenchment as businesses start to scale down their operation
or withdraw from Singapore to move overseas.


When the crunch comes, are you prepared for it?


Salary cut

Replaced by FT

Cannot find jobs


Do you have a Plan B?


Actual cases we know

Case 1



Senior Banker with MBA has to work as dish washer as he can't find job. 
He was replaced by a South African FT.  Click image for full story.


Case 2

My friend Mr G was an accountant in a construction company.  He was given
1 month notice to leave the company.  Worst part is that the company replaced
him with an old man, perhaps paying him much lesser salary.

Mr G's brother-in-law who is a senior banker with 25 years of experience in a
major local bank retired and was retained as a consultant on contract basis.  He was told
to leave the bank as it is cutting labor costs due to too much bad debt exposure.

Whether you are in high positions or low positions, the axe can fell on you any
time. Just imageine if you made $20,000 a month, most likely you'd be driving a big car
and live in condo and private properties with regular overseas holiday trips with your
family. What happens if the Axe fells on you? How long can you sustain your current lifestyle?

I have known of Degree holders who can't find a job
when retrenched and they need to work
as security guards and waiters
 to get some cash to
feed themselves!  Very sad.




If you are retrenched, you'd want to get employed
 as soon as possible unless you plan to retire or start a business.
If you still want to find a job, please note that the odds
are stacked against you.


Click button below to learn how you can stand out amongst
thousands of applicants. If you have sent hundreds
of applications and still no job, then you need
to know where you have gone wrong.



How to structure a Plan B?

It is time to change your mindset from being an employee to being an entrepreneur so that you can create other sources of income.

Time is the major constraint for employee who wants to have a Plan B.  You can do the following to generate additional sources of income:

  1. eCommerce selling online.  People are flooding to eCommerce seminars to learn how they can generate income.  However, all the "gurus" only want you to pay good money to attend their training courses.  The ones who get rich is not you but the "gurus".
    eCommerce is not as simple as most think.  Many people don't really understand about eCommerce.  I have met a MLM networker who is trying to recruit me telling me that their product is on eCommerce.  This is a big BS.  Selling products online is NOT eCommerce.

  2. Start your own business if you have the capital.  If the business involves with labor and rental, then it can be very high risk.  Your business may not sustain when economy becomes bad.  Unless your business is involved with health, disruptive technology, education and alternate investments, you may find running the business is very tough.  The above four industries are ever-green even in bad economy.  We can share with you how to zero in into these industries with and with little or no capital.  Just buy me a cup of Kopi.  Click Here if you want to drink Kopi with us to discuss about your future. :)

  3. Become part-time UBER or Grab driver.  Can be very tiring and also income may not be that good.  Don't believe in the advertisement as the income projected is not achievable.  I've had friends who drive Uber and Grab taxis.  They told me can get 2000 to 3000 per month very happy already.  They need to drive at least 12 hours per day. 

  4. Become a MLM Networker.  Good and bad.  Good in that if you have a large team, you may generate a good source of income.  Bad is that if you joined the wrong company, you are wasting your time and money.  I used to be a MLM junkie ... i.e. I joined many MLMs and lose alot of money in buying into positions, autoship and keep stock.  Many of the MLMs available in the market has a payout pyramid plan whereby those who join later will support the ones who are on top (i.e. the so called leaders).  It is tough for late comers to really make very good money.  I know a Company N distributor who has been with the company for 10 years and make only $10,000 per month.  Comparing this to our platform (a 9 years old company), hundreds of our distributors are millionaires and multi millionaire within 3 to 4 years because of a great payout plan which treats everybody the same.  Many of these distributors made more than the company's Chairman!  If interested to know more, get yourself invited to our OPP talk by
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    Commission earned daily


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  5. If you have some capital or own private properties, you might want to take a serious look at alternate investment to
    generate passive income for you.



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