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Before I begin, let me introduce you to my good friend, Ben.
Ben is a very unique person as he has only 2 "O' level.  He is not highly educated with degree.  He is just a normal chap.
However, he is fortunate to have worked as IT analyst with a Life Insurance Company in Singapore. So he get to learn coding and programming.

Then he went over to HR and become a HR professional. He is so good in HR, he was promoted to head the HR for Europe, Asia and USA for a major MNC company.


Because of his training in IT and HR, he understand the major problem in job application. 


Due to large amount of applications, HR executives will not be able to go through every application manually.  So a software was developed in the 1980s to filter out the goats from the sheep.  Subsequently this software which has been used by all major HR and MNCs is now being taken over by Oracle.  Unfortunately, nothing change much in the coding. 


The software can recognise text pretty well but come to new technologies such as pdf, images, color, it has problem.  Even if you are the best person for the job, your application will be thrown out because the software cannot recognise you.  Therfore you don't even get the chance to be selected for an interview unless you know how to bypass the system.



Ben now runs a very successful consultancy company helping PMEs to get jobs.  If you go to e2i to register for jobs, you will find that the last process will be conducted by Ben's company.  Now Ben has many MBAs and PhDs working under him.  Up till now, he still receive 2 to 3 calls weekly from various international HR wanting to employ him.  Ben is ranked number third Linkedin ranking worldwide with more than 70,000 followers.



 Ben's favorite Analogy

The bear and salmon fishes. Every year, the fishes will swim great distances to go back to the place of their birth to spawn. The bear also knows. So it always wait at its favorite spot for the salmon to swim by and then wait patiently for the opportinities to open its mouth to grab it. Many salmon fishes will jump right and left to avoid being grabbed by the waiting bear. Neither the bear swim around to attempt to chase the salmon fishes. It quietly and patiently wait at the right spot for the opportunities. Now you may want to know what has this got to do with job application? Plenty. Let me explain.




You are the salmon fish.  The employer is the bear.  By jumping right and left, you miss the mouth of the bear (employer).   You must jump into th bear's mouth...that is the trick in getting yourself called up for interview.
 According to Ben, it is useless to:
  • Write long resume. 
  • Send many application letters 

Ben's way is to :

  • Let the employers call you for interview instead 
  • Use Linkedin to get yourself caught by the "bear" 
 Attend Ben's course now to get your dream job. 

The course can claim government grants such as SFC and if union member, UTAP.


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Take a look at the benefits by attending Ben's training:

  1. Get the job you always wanted. Ben told me that
    one of the student who is a mid manager got a job
    becoming the 2nd top guy in the company because
    of the training he received from Ben.
  2. The class takes 2 days. First day is on theory and change of
    of mindset, writing resume, presenting yourself, etc. 2nd day is small
    group practical training...i.e. you use your laptop to change your Linkedin
    profile and learn how to promote yourself online.
  3. 70% of the students get a new job within 3 months. The other
    30% too "gei kiang" and refused to follow the instructions fully,
    so still probing around for jobs. Most of them get a job break
    after 6 months when they realised their folly and start
    doing the right things. 



 Click Here to apply now!


Please use Promo Code: LTHAM (in capital)


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