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Haze can compromise your health. Although haze has gone, next year it will come back again.
Be prepared for haze by taking precaution to equip yourself with the necessary equipments.



Lampe Berger Burner Disfuser  

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Essential Oil

 Eucalyptus  Good for asthma and respiratory problems
 Laurier Rose  Aphrodisiac and romantic atmosphere
 Citronelle  Respiratory problem, insomnia and headache
 Oceane  Improves memory and ease agitation
 Sandal  Luck and state of Zen
 Pyrethre  Insecticide and disinfectant
 Fifth Avenue  Invigorates
 Lilas  Energising and Invigorates
 Cedre  Back to Nature and alleviate bronchitis
 Chypre  Back to Nature, contracts blood vessels and soothes cough
 Eau De Foret  Joy, Peace and Calm




How Lampe Berger Aromatherapy combat the health problem created by Haze:

1. Kills all smells. It eliminates the smells not cover up the smells.
2. It binds with all dust particles and cause them to drop to the floor.
3. Kills air borne germs and viruses
4. Gives off oxygen not carbon dioxide.

Limited stock for Lampe Berger Aromatherapy Lamp.  Good for haze.  Comes with  300 ml
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Advantages of Lampe Berger Aromatherapy:

  1. No naked fire; hence no fire hazard.
  2. Does not give out CO2. Instead it gives out O3 because of Ozocool oil contents.
  3. Kills practically all type of smell. Insects and pests hate it and they will leave your house and go to your neighbour's.
  4. Used successfully in early 19th century in France to combat plague disease.


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