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Who are we?

We are a corporate consultant firm specializing in giving consultation to SMEs for their businesses.  One of the major consultation we give to SMEs is in finding loans and government grants for their capital and expansion needs. 

Concerns of most SMEs:

Most SMEs have the concern for liquidity and cash flow, especially if they give credits to their customers.  If your business model is cash only, then you are consider to be lucky since you will not have bad debts problem.
However, even if you are on cash basis, you may still need funding for expansion, buying new machineries, engaging new people, etc.

Every business at some points will
require additional funding........

If your company requires funding, what will you do? 

Most company will have a few choices:

  1. Borrow from family members (provided they are rich enough)
  2. Borrow from directors (provided they are rich enough)
  3. Borrow from banks (they will need guarantors and collaterals)
  4. Borrow from 3rd parties
  5. Borrow from Ah Longs (highly unadvisable)
  6. Call for additional share capital

Here's a brief description of each one:

Family members - They must be willing to support the company and have the money to lend the company.  One setback is that if the company is unable to pay back, family relationship may be affected.

Directors - If they are rich enough, they can help the companyby forking out the money first.  Again, because of M&A and Company Act, certain rules must be observed.  Again, if the company is unable to pay them back, there will be many unhappiness and squabbles.

Banks - This is the most common way for companies to raise funds. Of course the banks will ask for collaterals and guarantees.  Normally, the directors are requested to be guarantors for loans jointly and severally.

Let's help your company get a bank loan by clicking the button below:


Problems is when the guarantor directors pass on, then the bank can garnish their personal assets in their estate to satisfy the loans unless the directors are smart enough to have a Business Succession Plan.  For details about Business Succession please visit

3rd parties - 3rd parties may include related and non related parties. For example, loans can be made from one sister company to another.  Also you may want to ask your principals to give you larger credit amount and longer credit term, which is also a form of funds.  Many businesses are already practising this.

Ah Longs - Not very advisable as the high interest rates you have to pay will affect your cash flow badly.  It is also illegal to borrow from Ah Longs.

Call-up for Share Capital - Unless your company is a public listed company, call-up for capital may not worked unless the issued capital has not been fully paid by shareholders.  For public listed companies, of course, it would be very easy to raise funds by issuing shares, warrants, etc.

Singapore Government Grants

There are a host of government grants available from various Singapore government agencies.

Click Here for lists of Singapore Grants.

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