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The company provides SMEs with solutions to their various concerns,

Finance and Working Capital

We help SMEs to raise funds and working capital from our various bank and financial Institutions contacts (including private investors, family offices, etc). Other non bank related funding includes crowd funding using rewards to raise initial capital to produce products. We are also into bank instruments such as SBLC and BG for project funding and big ticket funding like oil and gas, etc.

If you have a proper and serious project that need funding, let's talk. Click Here to contact us. We don't need expert brokers in long food chain or those who ask for upfront money. Sorry, we are very strict in dealing with crab brokers.

Typical documents required for corporate finance:

  1. 6 months latest bank statements (banks and FI); 3 months of latest bank statements for non bank investors.
  2. 2 years of latest accounts financial statements (managment account also can)
  3. Latest ACRA extract

Other documents normally required by banks and FI

  1. Directors' IRAS tax assessment (last 2 years)
  2. Any other documents the banks / FI may deemed fit to request.

Click Here to contact us if you have requirement for funding.


Cash Flow Management

Managing your company's cash flow is an essential activity and can affect your company's efficiency.


Reduction of Cost of Doing Business

One of the way. to stay profitable is to reduce the cost of doing business.

Many SMEs have the wrong idea that to reduce costs means to cut down staff, reduce expenses to tighten the belts. Unfortunately if done wrongly, it has big repercussion for the companies as it can stifle the competiness of the company and the morale of the staff.

We have better ways to reduce costs.



  • Get free customers for your business with SCCI platforms.
  • Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI)
  • Join as free Merchant Member and free associate members.
  • Give discount to SCCI 5000 odd members
  • Roadshow of products with SCCI
  • Merchant can organise buffet lunch in SCCI for sales to its members.

If interested, just contact us. We can study your concerns and then proposed the best and cheapest way to address them.

Learn more by clicking here. Free training are given by SCCI to help good entrepreneurs to be better.


 Accounting for Cash Flow Management

This is a very wide topic which covers accounting, staffing and business model.

For cash flow purposes, classification of assets and liabilities can be very different.


Land if not utilised for business is not an asset but a liability because it incurs costs.

Vacant buildings are also liabilities not assets as costs are incurred with no income generated.

We do offer cash flow management consultation on fees based.

Please contact us if interested.

Financial Advisory for business and individual

We provide following financial services to companies and individuals. If you have such needs, we can assign top financial planners to give you free consultations:

  1. Estate Planning & Will Writing (Muslim & Non Muslim). Don't let the government to plan for your family financial well-being by intestacy. Learn more by clicking here.
  2. Business Succession & Continuation.  Plan how to pass the baton to your next generation when you are not available to look after your business. May include estate planning for the bosses and shareholders buy-sell agreement. Click here to learn more about business continuation.
  3. Legacy Planning.  Plan a legacy for your family by utilising family office and trust account. If you are a foreigner who wish to migrate to Singapore for business and/or children education and safety, we can help you to structure a second residency plan. Singapore now is opened is cross-border financial services. Click here to contact us.
  4. Corporate insurance & Group insurance. Click here to learn more.
  5. Retirement Planning like a Swiss. Click here to learn how.
  6. Plan B Wealth accumulation and management. Click here.