For Financial Planners


Migrate overseas or incomng migration to Singapore to set up Family Offices and Trust for legacy planning, apply PR and citizenship in Singapore or education for your children in Singqapore. You need to do financial planning before you migrate.  If you write eBooks and start getting good income monthly, anywhere you migrate also will not be a problem.  If you are making USD 6-7K income per month like some of our bookstore owners in Malaysia, you are all set to have  good life anywhere.


Estate planning and will writing with LPA and AMD (Muslims and non muslims) training for financial planners to use them to sell insurance and investment.  If you are not experienced to use estate planning in your business, we can personally coach you for a nominal coaching fees.

Dying intestate without a will can be a very costly affairs.  One can get much trouble like dispute who gets what, etc can arises causing delays in the estate settlement.  Your estate assets may end up in the wrong hand and your family may be deprived of getting what they deserve from your estate distribution. 

For details on estate planning and will writing, please visit to check it out how I use it when I was a financial planner with Company G before I  semi-retired to vemture into eBooks writing and training.

Other topics you can use for your insurance and investment sales include:

  1. Business Succession & Continuation.  May include Estate Planning for the bosses.  Need to know about accounts as may need to value the company's networth for buy-sell agreement and determine how much keymen is worth to the company.  Here you need to talk about keymen insurance, director's liability, group insurance and general isurance.
  2. Family Office & Trust.  As Singapore is opening up for cross border financial business, family office and trust is a hot topic for HNW prospects.  Some may want PR or citizenship by investment. 
  3. Plan B Migration. If planning to migrate, they need financial planning too, especially if they migrate on investment basis. 
  4. Creating Cash Cows for Retirement and Wealth Acumulation.  Include MLM, direct sales, afiliation programs, providing a services, acting as nominee directors for foreign companies, writing eBooks, be a business referrer and of course buying insurance as saving & Investment.

You are invited to limkopi with Lawrence at his club to discuss how he can help you to utilise ebooks to gather good leads effortlessly and easily.