Financial Advisory for business and individual

We provide following financial services to companies and individuals. If you have such needs, we can assign top financial planners to give you free consultations:

  1. Estate Planning & Will Writing (Muslim & Non Muslim). Don't let the government to plan for your family financial well-being by intestacy. Learn more by clicking here. 
  2. Business Succession & Continuation.  Plan how to pass the baton to your next generation when you are not available to look after your business. May include estate planning for the bosses and shareholders buy-sell agreement. Click here to learn more about business success and continuation. 
  3. Legacy Planning.  Plan a legacy for your family by utilising family office and trust account. If you are a foreigner who wish to migrate to Singapore for business and/or children education and safety, we can help you to structure a second residency plan. Singapore now is opened is cross-border financial services.
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  4. Corporate insurance & Group insurance. Click here to learn more. 
  5. Retirement Planning like a Swiss. Click here to learn how. 
  6. Plan B Create Cash Cows for your business.  Click here.