Every business needs good quality leads to prosper.  If your business is not generating leads for its business, it is a matter of times, it will go bust.

We have a proven method to help any business to generate leads.  How?  By using eBooks.

We have a maid agency in Malaysia who uses our Evenchise platform to give out a free ebook:  All you need to know before you employ a maid in Malaysia. Within one month they generated 1000 quality leads. 

Now they have a very happy problem.   To call all these prospects within a short time and meet up will not be effective.

So we taught them to just call 20 per week.  Tell the prospct that you have two maids arriving next week. Will they like to interview them? They have very good responses.  The boss then sell some of the leads to fellow maid agencies as he does not want the leads to become cold due to lack of follow up.

If you are a professional, you can use ebooks to enhance your images as an expert in your professional fields.  We have many doctors in Malaysia who writes medical books in Malay and some in English.  Visit to check it out. 


For example if you are a CPA, you may want to write ebooks like:

  • How to register a company in Singapore; 
  • How to structure a group office to save on tax; 
  • How to set up a family office in Singapore; 
  • How to set up office in tax havens for tax planning purposes; 
  • How to computerize your accounts and operation; 
  • Business succession and continuation. 

At the end page of the eBooks, make sure your contacts are there for prospects to contact you.

Visit  to learn how ebooks can help in your business by generating quality leads and increase your sales.  Full details on what platforms you can use to generate leads for your business.

eBooks written by Lawrence and uploaded to his bookstore for download and sales.

If you are my friends, business associates or clients, you can go to my corporate bookstore to download free ebooks on management, business, finance and self improvement.