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Lawrence Tham
Founder Consultant

Lawrence has more than 45 years in various experiences from auditor, tax consultant, secretarial, journalist, business manager, EDP manager, purchaser, financial planner and business development manager. He has experiences with international business and trade as he used to operate companies in Batam in indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. He was a consultant to Atlantic Group of companies, Singapore.

The Personality of Lawrence

It is amazing that when he was  working as a young audit assistant in a public accountant firm many years ago, he wondered why certain staff partners played golf almost everyday when "technical" partners had to slot and sweat.

It was only after many years later that he realised that the staff partners were playing golf to network for business. They were the ones who bring in the businesses for the company.

Networking is a business game that must be played well. How a business fare depends on how well its top management play the business game.

That's why he become a founding member of Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) to help his SME clients to network and build their businesses.  Invite Lawrence for LimKopi with him to share with you how you can network for business and use ebooks to gather quality leads.. 

Milestone Achievements

Some of his achievements...

Business Manager cum journalist in UPI 1980 to 1988

Within 2 years, Lawrence built the business from a yearly turnover of only $200,000 to more than $2 million as its business manager. He also helped to launch a JV with another news company for financial news which he was successful in promoting to banks, brokering houses and investors. This is the place where he polished his skills in copywriting.

EDP Manager in Fineline Technopolis Pte Ltd 1990-1991

During his brief stay with Fineline, he managed a network of more than 50 PCs. He helped the company to computerise its accounting and operation using Platimum. He left the company on his own accord as being a finance savvy person, he found that the over gearing of the management in getting bank finance is not to his likings.

Director in Kanika Infotech (Singapore) Pte Ltd 2000 to 2003

During the dotcom boom, many Indian companies came to Singapore to open office. Kanika is one of them. Kanika in India is a public listed company on Kolkata's Stock Exchange. He is involved in software development projects, outsourcing of IT expertise, generating sales and negotiation with clients.

If you want somebody to be your "bouncing wall" for your business ideas, please click below button to fix an appointment with Lawrence.

Currently, he is writing or written the following eBooks:

  1. Estate Planning & Will Writing for Financial Planners
  2. Business Succession & Continution for Financial Planners 
  3. Family Office & Trust for Financial Planners 
  4. Creating Cash Cows for Retirement & Wealth Management 
  5. Don't Play with Spirits 
  6. Healing Energies for your Health 
  7. Asian True Ghost Stories 
  8. How I throw away my tongkat (walking stick)

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